Social Economic Development Solutions works to change the narrative of mental health for those in need. Because early identification is imperative, we must be vigilant in the diagnostic process. Using cutting-edge technology, we give those who need it most a fighting chance against mental illness.

Our focus is depression and anxiety. By the time Canadians
reach the age of 40, 1 in 2 have or have experienced mental illness. With these
prolific numbers mental health has become an epidemic, and there isn’t enough
awareness to support those who experience a problem of this caliber.

Our approach is unique and uses Artificial Intelligence
(A.I.) which allows people to speak freely about their issues. The truth is the
most are afraid to reach out for help, because societies’ perception of mental
health issues is negative. We give people a chance to speak to advanced A.I.
that carries no judgement, no blame, but can give us information on what they
are experiencing.  Ultimately, this helps
talk out and employ different methods to help people before side effects bleed
into their lives.

 Great mental health is synonymous with happiness. Maintaining a tight headspace is essential to living a well-balanced life and building meaningful relationships.  We aim to change the outlook and systems on this controversial issue. Social Economic Development Solutions gives people the tools they need to be successful and listens for problems before they arise. 

How does it impact the youth?

  • It is estimated that 10-20% of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder – the single most disabling group of disorders worldwide.
  • Today, approximately 5% of male youth and 12% of female youth, age 12 to 19, have experienced a major depressive episode.
  • The total number of 12-19 year olds in Canada at risk for developing depression is a staggering 3.2 million.
  • Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected, allowing them to get back to their regular activities.
  • Mental illness is increasingly threatening the lives of our children; with Canada’s youth suicide rate the third highest in the industrialized world.
  • Suicide is among the leading causes of death in 15-24 year old Canadians, second only to accidents; 4,000 people die prematurely each year by suicide.
  • Surpassed only by injuries, mental disorders in youth are ranked as the second highest hospital care expenditure in Canada.
  • In Canada, only 1 out of 5 children who need mental health services receives them.




Social Economic Solutions sees mental illness as an epidemic that’s affecting millions of people all over the world. Our vision is to build a support system and raise awareness to overcome depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

We strive to educate those who need it most. Because knowing is half the battle, we push for change by helping people before they experience symptoms. We also provide a support network for those who are already fighting and need a positive influence. 



To reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that goes to the landfill by 2020

by participation in a composting program. The municipality will operate in the composting program by diverting the waste from landfill without interfering the current recycling and picking time for the solid waste.



The objective of this organization is to educate the community on recycling programs like textile, recycling and bio-degradation/composting.

For information and support

Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 to connect with a counsellor who can help you

  • Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line at 1-800-268-9688 for confidential, free, non-judgmental peer support Sunday-Friday 4:00-9:30 PM
  • Addiction Helpline at 1-866-332-2322 if you are having a bad drug-use experience or just need some information on safe sex or drugs

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