Information about your Rights, Privacy, Confidentiality and Accessibility as a Social Economic Development Solutions Client


As a Social Economic Development Solutions client, you have a right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect, and free from discrimination or harassment
  • Expect your personal information to be handled in a confidential manner and not be shared without your permission
  • Expect that you’ll be treated as an individual with a professional and caring response that recognizes uniqueness including preferences based on sexual, ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, or cultural factors
  • Expect that we’ll share your information with you, answer your questions and that you’ll be included in the planning for your service

As a Social Economic Development Solutions client, you have a responsibility to:

  • Participate in the planning for your service at Social Economic Development Solutions
  • Treat staff, fellow clients and visitors with dignity, respect, and free from discrimination or harassment
  • Attend meetings or services or let us know in advance that you can’t make it


When we must gather personal information from our clients, we fully explain why we need it and how we’ll use it. Unless required by law, we do not disclose personal information without your permission or consent.


Social Economic Development Solutions strives to keep accurate, complete and current records of personal information.


We make every effort to protect personal information from being lost, stolen or inappropriately adjusted, accessed, shared or copied.

If you are concerned that your privacy has been breached, please contact the Privacy Officer at 780 607-0543



All Social Economic Development Solutions employees, placement students and volunteers must sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencing work. However, in cases where our clients are at risk of being physically, sexually and/or emotionally harmed, or there’s an imminent danger to individuals or property, we are obligated by law to break confidentiality.

The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act requires Social Economic Development Solutions employees, placement students and volunteers to report any instance of a youth in need of protection to the appropriate authorities. The Ministry of Children’s Services guidelines state those clients who wish their files to be destroyed must wait until their 28th birthday and make their request in writing.

Electronic communication includes the use of cellular phones, email, voicemail, video calling, social media outlets, etc. Electronic communication may be used for the purposes of programming and communication with Social Economic Development Solutions staff. Social Economic Development Solutions clients understand that if they choose to communicate by email/text/video, complete confidentiality is out of our scope and can’t be guaranteed.

Examples of electronic communication where security can’t be guaranteed:

  • Using a public computer, sharing a personal computer or cell phone
  • Leaving or storing confidential information on any computer screen or cell phone
  • Loss of computer and/or other electronic devices (cell phone, smart phone)
  • Computer being hacked or using monitoring software
  • If you want to register a complaint

Social Economic Development Solutions is committed to offering the best service possible. Your insights, opinions, thoughts, and suggestions are important to us. We encourage you to comment on our performance, even if it’s to register a complaint.


You can register a complaint in writing or by speaking with your worker. If you want to submit your complaint in writing, please place your comments in an envelope, seal it and address it to Kakura Ninsiima, Executive Assistant. Leave the envelope with Reception Staff. The envelope will be given to one of our senior management team. Ask anyone at Social Economic Development Solutions for a copy of our complete Complaint Procedure.

To make a complaint, or for more information on the Children and Youth unit, please visit the Ombudsman’s website at or contact the unit at 1-888-455-2756 or +1 587-723-0825


For information and support

Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 to connect with a counsellor who can help you

  • Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line at 1-800-268-9688 for confidential, free, non-judgmental peer support Sunday-Friday 4:00-9:30 PM
  • Addiction Helpline at 1-866-332-2322 if you are having a bad drug-use experience or just need some information on safe sex or drugs

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